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prince of egypt on broadway would be so intense could you imagine ‘deliver us’ being performed or like the fuckin plagues bruh i need this so bad


Needs. To. Happen.

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Dulaang UP's concurrent productions of Measure for Measure and its Filipino translation, Hakbang sa Hakbang. (Photos: Jojit Lorenzo)

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"Dark Matter"NobleMotion DanceLighting Design: David J Deveau Photography: Lynn Lane


"Dark Matter"
NobleMotion Dance
Lighting Design: David J Deveau 

Photography: Lynn Lane

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Brian Williams reporting on his daughter, Allison Williams, being cast as Peter Pan (x)

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Designer Spotlight: Boris Aronson. The Renderings.

1. Fiddler on the Roof

2. Fiddler on the Roof

3. Cabaret

4. Cabaret

5. Follies

6. Follies

7. A View From the Bridge

8. Pacific Overtures

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Showtime’s series The Tudors, which depicted much of the reign of Henry VIII, was an enormous undertaking that required a tremendous amount of costumes and jewelry to outfit both main characters and extras. Jewelry was purchased and loaned from several jewelers, including Tipperary Crystal and Sorrelli Jewelry.  

This gold tiara, which is accented with rhinestones and small pearls was first seen on The Tudors. It was first seen on Natalie Dormer as Anne Boleyn in 2007 in promotional images for the show. She was also seen wearing it several times throughout the production. The tiara was used again in the third season of The Tudors in 2009 on Annabelle Wallis as Jane Seymour.  Most recently in 2014 the piece was spotted again in the television show The Musketeers, where it was worn on Alexandra Downing as Queen Anne.

Costume Credit: Cintia, Emilie, Lauren, Queenofmultitasking, Steph

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A Midsummer Night’s Dream. Andrew Lieberman.

Shakespeare on the Sound.